eRWIN eVOL: The Fastidious Freak Of Fashion, The Dapper Dude Of Duds…that odd little fellow, in the great hat, that’s always…hugging himself.

eRWIN eVOL – Couture For The Fashion Insane™

playing card eRWIN-2inveRWIN eVOL has his eye on you! He’s crazy about fashion, music and art, loves hats and boots and thinks there’s no such thing as “old” style, just good style!

eRWIN eVOL is an exciting clothing label specializing in “Period Inspired Opulence”: especially the posh styles of the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Of course, eRWIN is also very fashion forward (or is that sideways?) and will tackle just about any design.

Drag Queens to Pyrates, Rock Stars to Opera Divas…jackets, trousers, shirts, waistcoats, dresses, bloomers, hats, bustles…and more!

All our garments are designed and handmade in Canada from quality fabrics and materials. No two are ever the same; guaranteeing you not only look extremely flash, but always original! Because of the quality and types of fabrics we use, as well as other unique features, our clothing must be dry cleaned only (unless otherwise mentioned).

eRWIN eVOL is also a hip brand image that is ready for t-shirts, bags, hoodies, skateboards…or anywhere else he can get to!

Want to add flash and originality your music video, photo shoot, film? Contact us…we have the fashions, talent and resources to make your production get noticed!


Ms. Seika Groves has a wealth of experience in the fashion & costuming business – designing, making, altering and wearing it.

From original clothing and costuming, to wigs, hair, makeup and accessories, Seika has worked with the Toronto Opera Company, The Toronto Operetta Theatre, Billy Idol, The Ontario Renaissance Festival, The Pyrate Festival, The Stratford Festival, Toronto Repertory Theatre, Royal Ontario Museum…and many more.

Besides her training in Fashion, Seika is also an Historian with a degree in Battlefield Archaeology, a Professional Chef, a Performer on stage & screen and a Voiceover artist & instructor.