So many questions…here are a few answers – and guidelines – for your fashion order.

Q: Could you make me something for my Film, TV, Theatre Production, Music Video, Cosplay, Re-enactment, Wedding, Drag Show…etc.?
A: Certainly! We contribute to many different areas of the entertainment industry and personal style looking for something unique. Contact us with your ideas!

Q: What types of fabric do you use?
A: We strive to use quality fabrics suitable for the garments we make: cotton, linen, wool-blend, silk, gabardine. We strive for natural fibres where practical, but certainly may use, nylon blend, stretch and other “engineered” fabrics when the occasion calls for it. For historically inspired pieces we do our best to make them accurate while still being practical – and everything we make is made to measure so that it works best for you to be comfortable AND fabulous!

Q: What sizes are available?
A: What size are you? All garments are made to measure; no vanity sizing here. With this in mind, you will need to be measured and may require a fitting before final completion. This may be done at our location in Hamilton (Ontario, Canada), or at yours (transportation charges may apply). We do also make items “at arms length”, however you must be sure your measurements are accurate – if there’s any doubt, ask!

Q: Where can I buy these fabulous clothes?
A: Right here. Contact us to discuss your fashion desires and we’ll come up with a few suggestions. Once we come to an agreement, payment is made, fabric and accessories acquired and work begins! Delivery, of course, depends on the amount of work involved, though you will be kept apprised of progress and estimated completion.

Q: What do these garments cost?
A: Keeping in mind these are all custom, handmade items, that depends on the design and hours of work involved. Shipping is extra and will be calculated at the time of your order – we ship using Canada Post – or you may pick it up from us.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Cash, Credit Card, PayPal, INTERAC eTransfer (Canada only) online. Cash or Credit Card in person. All payments are to be made in advance. Changes in fabric, accessories or additions to the order will be billed separately and must be paid immediately for work to continue. All payments are non-refundable.

Q: Are there discounts for bulk orders?
A: Sorry, no…we believe in quality, not quantity. We also believe in keeping our pricing reasonable.

Q: I have another question, not yet answered here…
A: Contact us and ask away!